How to Create a Feature Wall


Injecting style and colour in a room doesn’t mean that the entire space needs a design overhaul, luxury home builders melbourne can provide you with the solution for this. Whatever the area, a feature wall is a fun and impressive way to add a chic pop of colour without breaking the bank or overpowering the look of a space.

Whether the area of your home is in the bedroom, living room or even in a hallway, a feature wall, or a retaining wall, is a great opportunity to add some attention-grabbing appeal. When you’re making improvements to your home, you might focus more on the bigger picture and not worry too much about the same details. However, small changes like a wall removal can make a big difference in the look and feel of your home. If you want to remove unwanted walls and open up your floor plan to maximize enjoyment of your home, a wall repositioning project is needed. While wall removal seems simple, a load bearing wall has a huge structural impact on your home. If these load bearing walls are not removed correctly there can be long-term, serious consequences to structural stability of your home, that is why this should be entrusted to professionals.

There are many different ways to add a focal point to the area, whether it is a large room or a small shelving nook above the stairs, and many stylish homes have started to incorporate this contemporary look. Consider add body pillow to your bedroom, they provides total body support, relieving pressure points in the back, neck and hips, and soothing aching muscles.

Why Use a Feature Wall?

The first step in creating a feature wall is determining why to use a feature wall in the first place. If you have important artwork or painting to display or a hobby to show off, or if you just want to add some personality to a space without redesigning the entire area, a feature wall might be perfectly suited to your design needs. To add character to the wall and the painting itself, you may hire a custom framing company to create a new frame.

The next step in adding a focal point is deciding what colour scheme is in play. If the walls are already painted and the room is furnished, it’s easier to choose a colour to help accent or add a pop of contrast, but patterns and hues can create an endless number of colour options. Looking for an Australian painting company? You can always count on Redcliffe commercial and residential painters for a long lasting and quality paint.

Once you have a colour or pattern in mind, you can move on to choosing materials. Type 1 wallpaper, tile, paint and different styles of showcasing artwork can all create an interesting and important focal point to showcase paintings, artwork or some personality to the natural line of sight. To add character to your wall, you can use a grasscloth wallpaper or some other stylish wallpaper products.

Consider Adding Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are one material that has really become popular in interior design over the last decade. These stickers are easy to remove and provide many different looks for your room that you can move and replace. Adding a daring, life-size retro sticker, or creating your own pattern of smaller wall stickers, adds a unique touch to help show personality.

For a more ornate look that can add utility—as well as style—to your home staging, create a wall of storage with different heavy duty plastic storage bins. The storage bins can be all different shapes, sizes and colours to be the focal point, or the shelves can be uniform to boldly stand out against the wall colour and showcase the items that sit atop.

Shelves aren’t the only item that can be grouped to create a focal point. Polaroids, empty picture frames, artwork, mirrors and plates can all combine to create stunning feature walls.

Getting Your Wall Noticed

Once the colour and materials have been chosen for the feature wall, the idea is to make the wall really stand out from the rest of the room and maximize the attention. Opening the area around the wall and using simpler accents in the immediate area will add punch and make the statement that you are intending. You display Russian Matryoshka Dolls or any of your personal collections to attract attention toward the feature wall.

If you are interested in creating your own feature wall but aren’t sure about the look you’re after, call Showhome Presentations at 279-7333. Our interior designers specialize in home staging and can help convince you that bare walls are boring. When it comes time to sell, captivating design can make a big difference.

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