Why Staging is Even More Important During Covid

During these times of uncertainty it might be easy to advise clients to skip Staging their vacant home to save money….but how much is anyone really saving?

Most people already know Staging can help sell up to 3 times faster and attract offers upwards of 10% more than non-staged homes, but with less in person visits, it’s now imperative to seal that deal when an interested party comes forward.

Consider the following:

  • Online photos are the number 1 qualifier for buyers to visit a home.
  • No Staged Vacant photos = less appeal = less visits = less offers.
  • Non-Staged vacant online photos are non-descript, leaving many buyers wonderingwhich room they are even looking at.
  • FaceTime buyer agent tours of non-Staged vacant homes give the buyer no sense ofscale or even what is possible for the home leaving buyers left to judge flaws.
  • Touring a Staged home in person elicits higher emotional responses which drives upoffers.
  • Staging generally produces a return on investment and can be a tax write off, as acost of selling a home.
  • Happy sellers who sell fast, at asking or above, love to tell their friends how great youare.
  • On the contrary, non-Staged homes statically take longer to sell and sell for less -why work harder for less $$$ and worse yet, possibly less referrals?

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