5 Different Types of Wood

Adding up new ideas for home improvement or just by business purposes require thorough researching. Quality matters in all aspects and we can only learn to appreciate it if we have enough knowledge about certain matters. In addition to this, we need not only focus on large features with regards to home and office improvements but it is important to keep a closer concept about the most detailed preferences. Here are 5 different types of wood that you may like to view before considering items to purchase for furniture, for flooring and for accessorizing.

1.  Pinewood is under the characteristic of softwood that largely grows in the Northern hemisphere along with other hundreds to a thousand species of wood. You can easily determine an item using pine because of its white color that is closely yellowish pale. Another is that this type of wood is light weighted and because of this property, it is ideal for decorative function like crafts and carvings. A major contribution of pinewood is for provincial furniture wherein distinctive style matters.

2.  If you prefer tropical hardwoods then you surely have to pick mahogany or known for others as Honduras mahogany. This type of wood can be found in three major country producers namely; South America, Africa and Central America. Do not get confused with the variations of this specie because all of which is of high quality. Many wood experts suggested that mahogany from the Caribbean region is considered to be the strongest and best in terms of quality but quite expensive. On the other hand, the mahogany grade coming from Africa has lesser quality with highly figured properties which can be bought affordably. In general Mahogany has uniform pore features that is of reddish to brownish in color and often displays stripe formations. Manufacturers use mahogany for creating extensive crafts like Georgian and Empire types of furniture.

3.  In terms of popularity Oak woods are widely preferred hardwood. This is a proud product of the United States with an average of sixty species growing in the country. Classifying these species is easy through setting the red ones from the white ones. Oaks are ring porous which has indefinite sizes depending on the factors that highly contributed to its growth. Contemporary designs are the top subject for furniture classes made out of Oak. English and American preferences for furniture styles are often followed along with added modern details. Gothic reproduction is as well common pieces made out of this wood type.
4.  Another type of wood is the Teak which is considered indigenous and can be found in Southeast Asian countries. This type is durable, heavy and undoubtedly strong which makes it a reason why it costs greater. Classy furniture is the top of the brands in using teak and one of which is the modern Scandinavian styles. It is as well used for oriental crafts mainly because of its pleasing yellowish to dark brownish color.

5.  Now if you want cabinets made out of quality materials then walnut is a popular choice. This type of wood grows in some parts of America, Asia and Europe with different varieties. The good thing about walnut is that it is durable and strong but do not heavily weigh. It has light to dark chocolate brown shades that is well suited for fine cabinet making.

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