Educational, Transformational Retreats in Some of the World’s Most Beautiful Locations.

At The Academy of Home Staging & Design it has always been our mission to Empower, Educate and Motivate our Students to Design the Life they have always dreamed of. Now we have taken it one step further, with our Brand, New Offering.
​Join co-founders Kim Kapellusch and Wanda Colón, for an intensive, life-changing, immersive experience to help you identify and overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from achieving the business and the life, you have been dreaming of.

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Day 1

What is your vision for your life and your business? If all obstacles were removed from your path where would your dreams and imagination take you? This is the time to Dream BIG!

Coaching and specially developed exercises help you discover where your true happiness and passions lie so that you can determine the ideal plan for your business/life. Focus is placed on where the business is and where you would like it to be.

Day 2

What obstacles are preventing you from growing? Are there things in your past that you need to let go of, to let your new future take root?

Discover what aspects need to change to bring about harmony, growth and increased productivity.

Business focus is placed on productivity, profits and people. What’s working and what’s not. What needs to change, and more importantly, what’s the route to getting there.

Life focus is on what limiting beliefs are you holding on to and what are the things you need to eliminate from your life. Learning how to delegate, detach and design systems and strategies to make your business part of your life and not the center of it, so you have time for yourself and the ones you love.

The evening ends with exercises and activities and a guided meditation to start with a fresh canvas to create your new life.

Day 3

We begin to paint the new masterpiece that will be your new life. Uncover all the new possibilities. Breakout sessions will be facilitated followed by private coaching with Kim or Wanda to bring clarity to your new vision.

Business sessions will focus on time saving software’s and inventory systems, getting started with trade vendors and inventory, hiring and firing and all the questions in between.

Finish the day with wine and cheese with new friends.

Day 4

Develop the road map for your new vision and a strategic plan for your business and your life.

Additional exercises help create the step-by-step road map to your new future. Share with your peers to set affirmations in motion. Celebrate new beginnings with a group brunch.

Enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded individuals, as you take the next steps to making your dreams a reality, in a gorgeous, inspiring location.

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