How Designers can use Pinterest to help their business

Pinterest is no longer just for the everyday person who wants crafty decorating ideas for their home; it can be a highly beneficial tool for people interested in or already in the design field. For instance, Pinterest can be used to identify the trends that are circling around in the interior design world. Are kitchens moving more towards sleek modernism or back to rustic chic? The most commonly pinned posts can give you a general idea.

Use Pinterest as a source for inspiration for current projects. Pin the rooms and designs that you find interesting, innovative, and classic, essentially that fits whichever adjective you are in need of at the moment. Suddenly you have a whole internet source full of inspiration and jumping-off points for your imagination.

It is also important to note that the average client of a designer has probably used Pinterest. This means that your customer knows what is popular, possible, and frequently pinned. Doing your own pinning (or at least browsing through those of other interior designers) will keep you knowledgeable and on the same page with your clients.

Here are some suggestions for Pinterest designers with inspiring photos:

Modern and energy efficient: 361 Architecture of San Francisco, CA

Modern with a funky flair: Almost 40-Year Old Intern of Los Angeles, CA

Lots of Color: AphroChic of Philadelphia, PA; CasaBella Interiors of Brandon, MS; RoomFu Knockout Interiors of Austin, TX

Classic and simple: Kathleen DiPaolo of Newport Beach, CA; Danielle Murietta of North Tustin, CA; Brilliante Interiors of Vancouver, BC

Glam and luxe: Britany Simon of Phoenix, AZ; Emily Henderson of Los Angeles, CA; Erica Cook of Calgary, AB; Mrs. Lilien of San Diego, CA

These Pinterest interior designers are just the beginning of what is out there on the site for inspiration and knowledge of current trends. So make a profile and start following other interior designers to truly utilize all the resources at your disposal.

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