5 Tips for Budget Decorating and Storage in the Kitchen

Possibly because it is one of the most used rooms in a house or apartment, the kitchen always seems to need cleaning, organizing, storing, or decorating. Most people cannot afford to design and build professional-level kitchens with unlimited storage space and the most up to trend décor. But that doesn’t mean that the kitchen is a lost cause. Wanda Colon, the host of TLC’s Home Made Simple, compiled five tips to maximizing the kitchen’s storage and decors, without breaking the bank.

Whether your floors are wood flooring, laminate flooring, carpet, linoleum, or shell stone tile, they should be as clean as possible before showing your home, and you can automate the process with the use of automatic vacuums you can find online. If your home has concrete floors, make sure that they don’t look worn and that there are no cracks and if they do hire the services of polished concrete Gold Coast to fix them.

Storing Pot Lids and More in a Cabinet

The lids of pots and pans can take up a large amount of cabinet room, room that has the potential to be put to better uses. Colon suggests installing a towel rack to the back of the cabinets’ door. The handle of the lid rests on the bar of the towel rack, suspending the lid between the rack and the inside of the door.  Another way to increase storage space is to install S hooks to the backs of cabinet doors for a little extra space.

Use Kitchen Items Creatively

A good budget decorator and organizer is able to come up with new ways to use old kitchen gear. Colon uses the example of a dish rack that one normally places in the sink to drip dry washed dishes. The slots are excellent mail, paper, and note organizers (though obviously don’t put this one in the sink). The cutlery cup can easily store pens. Window shutters are another one of Colon’s ideas; window shutters hung on a wall become files for organizing papers. As a bonus, if painted a bright hue, the shutters also serve as cheap and functional décor. Find more ideas at https://goodfoodblogph.com.

Don’t Forget the Spices of Life

Most spices have a shelf life of six months to a year, but few people use their spices by the printed date. Prevent spices from falling victim to “out of sight, out of mind” by using a tiered spice rack next to the main cooking area to keep the jars visible. One of the messiest cabinets is usually the spice cabinet, Colon points out, but with a metal spice rack and little magnets glued to the base of the spice jars, the jars won’t fall over and the racks will stay clean and organized.

Keep It All Together

Flour, sugar, baking powder, and baking powder are rarely used unless baking is involved. Storing all the baking supplies in the baking pans themselves not only clears up the pantry for items used more frequently, but also keeps everything together. When it is time to bake, simply pull out the baking pan and most of the ingredients and utensils will be right there as well. Less hunting, and less clutter. New Hampshire kitchen remodeling has more useful tips on keeping your kitchen organized.

Do More than Eat Greens

Even if someone can’t seem to keep a plant alive for more than a week, he or she can probably tend to succulents. These plants are low maintenance and come in a variety of shapes and colors that can add a little something extra to the kitchen. Colon—ever the one to find new uses for common items—uses wooden drawer organizers as decorative planters instead of purchasing new and expensive planters for the succulents.

Creativity and innovation prove that big results don’t require a big budget. Using everyday items in new ways help to maximize the kitchen’s storage space, to increase the cleanliness and organization, and to bring that little something extra to set the savvy person’s kitchen apart from the rest.

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