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  • Comprehensive Education: Access ongoing professional education to stay ahead in business, design, marketing, and staging.
  • Dynamic Community: Connect and collaborate with a network of Home Stagers and Interior Designers.
  • Networking Opportunities: Expand your professional network by connecting with industry leaders and peers.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Boost your professional standing with certifications and credentials that affirm your expertise.
  • Marketing and Exposure: Increase your visibility with listings in our member directory and features in promotional materials.
  • Peer Support: Join a supportive community that offers advice and motivation, helping you navigate industry challenges.
  • Inspiring Events: Participate in members-only events that inspire and inform.

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  • Exclusive Discounts: Get access to special offers from our Partners that enhance your projects and profitability.
  • Public Directory: Increase your visibility and credibility with potential clients through our publicly accessible directory of certified professionals.

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Unlock a world of opportunities and community designed to propel your career to new heights. Sign up today and start your journey with the New Home Design Council.

Mastermind Coaching Program: Elevate Your Expertise

Exclusive to Alumni of The Academy of Home Staging & Design

Take your professional skills to the next level with our intensive six-month Mastermind Coaching Program. Designed exclusively for our alumni, this program offers comprehensive support and advanced coaching tailored to enhance your expertise and accelerate your career growth.

Program Benefits:

  • Personalized Coaching:┬áReceive one personal coaching session per month with any of our specialized coaches, tailored to your specific needs and goals.
  • Group Learning:┬áParticipate in one group coaching session per month, connecting you with peers to share insights, challenges, and breakthroughs.
  • Continuous Support:┬áBenefit from unlimited email coaching throughout the six months, allowing you to seek advice and feedback whenever you need it.

Program Structure:

  • Duration:┬á6 months of structured coaching to ensure you achieve substantial personal and professional development.
  • Coaching Staff:┬áBenefit from targeted expertise with our specialized coaches. Choose a coach who is an expert in marketing to enhance your promotional skills, or opt for professional guidance from our seasoned Home Staging and Interior Design experts. Tailor your coaching experience to address your specific needs and propel your career forward.
  • Flexibility:┬áSessions are designed to fit into professional schedules, providing a balance of structured learning and flexibility.

Investment in Your Future:

This exclusive program is a powerful investment in your career. Enhance your skills, expand your network, and gain the insights needed to succeed in the competitive world of home staging and design.

Offerings for our Website

Designer’s Business Accelerator

┬áDescription:The pinnacle of launch platforms, the Designer’s Business Accelerator is crafted for Home Stagers and Designers ready to catapult their business into success. This elite offering not only establishes your online presence with a custom Wix website, brand board, and logo but also empowers your marketing strategy to reach your ideal clientele. The custom website is┬áindustry-specific and expertly crafted by a dual graduate of our esteemed program. Each website is meticulously tailored and receives the seal of approval from our in-house staff of expert designers, business writer, and marketers, ensuring your online presence is both professional and resonant with your target audience.

 Elevate your expertise with six months of mastermind coaching, blending one-on-one personalized sessions, monthly group learning, and unlimited email support for ongoing guidance. A year-long membership to the Home Design Council provides a fertile ground for growth, offering community support, education, events and discounts.

Special Offer: Transform your business with this comprehensive accelerator for $4553.40, after a $750 discount from the initial $5303.40.

Design Mentorship Circle

Description: Tailored for those seeking mentorship, support, and a sense of community, the Design Mentorship Circle enriches your professional journey. Secure a one-year membership to the Home Design Council, where a community-driven environment fosters your growth.

The six-month mastermind coaching component is designed to enhance your skills and strategy through a combination of monthly group sessions for collaborative learning, individual sessions for tailored advice, and unlimited email support to assist your development at every step.

Special Offer: Enhance your career within this nurturing circle for just $1353.40, reflecting a $200 saving off the $1553.40 list price.

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