5 Minor Home Upgrades to Complete Before Staging

Why Staging Matters
Staging has become a part of the selling process that’s as immediately important as cleaning the home and taking good photos. Not only does staging give you the chance to create a unique blank slate for buyers to picture their future homes in, but it also gives sellers the chance to guide the eyes of the buyers to see whatever they want to see.

A staged home has historically sold faster and for more money than the average comparable staged home. Although you can do without it if you’re in a rush to sell, you’re leaving money on the table if you do.

Before you stage your home, there are some steps you should take to ensure your home is able to do everything you need. Consider completing each of these before staging.

1. Deep Clean And Powerwash Entire Home
The worst thing your home can be, before bringing in all of the staging furniture and art, is dirty. Take the time to deep clean your home from top to bottom and get rid of any dirt, dust, grime, or pet fur that could make the buyers uncomfortable with your property.

Buyers don’t want to think about all of the people who have lived in their home before, and seeing signs through stains, hair, or dishes can make them want to leave. Create a home that feels truly pristine and ready to take on anything they’ll throw at it.

2. Add Details to the Kitchen

The kitchen is the Allstar room of the home that sets the tone for the rest of the property. Instead of allowing this space to go to waste, update the details throughout the kitchen. This might mean replacing the cabinet hardware with something more in-style or adding a wall mount faucet that gives you more counter space and has a gorgeous finish that ties the room together.

You can also update appliances or repaint the walls, but be aware that a small kitchen remodel has a far higher return on investment than a large one does. If you add molding to kitchen cabinets, it won’t make as large of a difference as replacing all of the appliances, but it’ll help!

3. Replace Old Windows and Doors
Some houses have older walls and doors that could use getting replaced. Older windows and doors allow air and temperature to get through and may even allow insect life into the property that could cause further damage and discomfort.

Look for insert replacement windows that match the style and look of your home in a color that works for it as well. When picking a door, consider the style as well, but don’t be afraid to go with a color that feels random compared to the rest of the home. A red door can work with nearly every color, even green or purple.

4. Paint Trim and Walls
Paint is a powerful tool that allows a home to smell and look fresh. Paint can get rid of discoloration, can change the mood of a room, and allows the space to feel untouched and brand new. Before you paint, it’s vital that you take the time to deep clean your walls and ceiling.

Although many do paint on top of dust and assume it’s fine, this is a quick way to ruin your paint’s color and texture and leave your wall looking uneven and textured in strange areas.

Carefully tape and paint your walls, careful to get rid of all drips, and then once that’s dry, take the time to tape and paint your trim. Do the trim after, since the white areas will be more obvious if you spill and try to fix it when painting the walls.

5. Make Repairs Instead of Cover-Ups
Repairs are one of the best ways to get your home ready to sell without fear of an inspection turning out something that could hurt your value. Unfortunately, many who are rushing to sell as quickly as possible will spread paint on top of mold, rotted wood, cracks, holes, and foam instead of taking the time to update the property and do the proper repairs such as filling cracks in concrete.

These can cause buyers to lose trust in your property and decide not to buy from you the moment they pop up in an inspection. Take the time to repair or replace any issues before you stage your property. If there is a problem, don’t just slap paint over it and hope you’re not going to get caught.

Good Staging Can Change a Property’s Value

Every seller wants to make as much money as possible for their property, so it’s vital that you take steps to ensure you can. Staging can shift everything about your property’s value, so set your staging up to succeed.

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