10 Tips to Help you Sell Your House Faster

When homeowners put their home on the market they often ask themselves, “How can I sell my house faster?”

Here are a 10 tips that can help you sell your house faster.

  • Surfaces should be clean and clutter free. What is Clutter? Clutter is anything that is not decorative. Remove bills/papers, medicines, collections, family photos, cleaning aids, toothpaste, toys, etc.
  • Fireplaces should show clean with sparkling glass and no soot stains on the exterior. Mantels should have few, if any, accessories on them.
  • Sofas and chairs should be in good condition. If not, and no other furniture is available, covers should be purchased. For balance and interest, throw pillows or throws should be added with touches of the homes designated accent color. A sofa should typically have 5 or more pillows and can have 2-3 different patterns or colors.
  • Rugs should be cleaned and appear new. Replace outdated, worn, faded, and especially, stained rugs.
  • Windows, carpets, flooring, cabinetry….the entire interior should sparkle. A clean home sells.
  • Homes should be odor free
  • Kitchen and bathroom floor grout should be cleaned
  • Kitchen counters should have less appliances and more decorative items such as bowls of fruit, cookbooks, and decorative oil bottles.
  • Paint should appear fresh. If walls are dinged or marked up a paint job is in order.
  • Pull blinds all the way up to showcase the views and let in the light.

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