Unlock your
Real Estate Potential:

Elevate Your Profits, Stand Out from Competitors, and Secure More Listings by Adding Home Staging & Interior Design Services to Your Portfolio! Transform Your Agency into an All-Encompassing Hub for Clients through Comprehensive Training for Yourself. Your Agents or Your Staff.

How Our Home Staging Designation Empowers Your Success:

  • Show Sellers You Have the Credentials to Garner Up to 10% Higher Offers in 1/3 the Time.

  • Fast-Track Sales Prove Your Expertise to Sellers.

  • Impressive Offer Stats Demonstrate Your Value to Sellers.

  • Higher Offers Mean More Income for You.

  • Satisfied Sellers Lead to Lucrative Referrals.

  • A Visually Appealing Home Attracts More Potential Buyers.

Bonus: Learn the Art of Staging Without Inventory in a Fun, Hands-On Environment!

Discover How Our Interior Design Designation Boosts Your Income and Influence:

  • Attract Investor Clients with Profitable Property Transformations.
  • Command Higher Commissions by Assisting Clients with Profitable Home Updates.
  • Collaborate with Sellers for Profit Sharing Opportunities (Call for Details).
  • Attract Builder Clients with Valuable Upgrade Advice.
  • Maximize Profits with Your Own Home or Flips.
  • Leverage Your Designation for Material and Decor Discounts.
  • Expand Your Revenue by Designing New Homes for Buyers and Sellers.

Bonus: Dive into Comprehensive Home Renovation Training in Just 1 Week, Covering Listing, Flipping, Staging, and Design!

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Our In-Person Immersion Courses Include:

  • 6 Days of Hands-On Training in Small Classes for a Fully Immersive Learning Experience.
  • Extensive Exercises Covering Color, Space Planning, Field Redesign, Consultations, Vacant Home Design, and Bidding Pricing.
  • Business Insights, Pricing Strategies, Client Acquisition, Marketing, Business Startup Plan, Branding Tips, and More.
  • Home Staging Certification and Designation.
  • Expert Guest Speakers.
  • A Comprehensive 135+ Page Manual with Tools.
  • Essential Forms for Your Staging Business.
  • The White Box Challenge for Additional Credentials.
  • 2 Post-Graduation Business Coaching Sessions.

In person Interior Design Course

In person Home Staging Course

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AOHS-Remote Classes (adjusted)

Virtual/Remote Courses Offer:

  • The Best of Both Worlds – Online Learning with Interactive Live Training.
  • Online Course Paired with 3 or 4 Days of Zoom-Based Hands-On Training.
  • Group Business Coaching Session Included.
  • Virtual White Box Challenge

Virtual/Remote Interior Design Course

Virtual/Remote Home Staging Course

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Show Special: Get Special $750 Off Live Training Courses in LA, or $350 Off Virtual/Remote Home Staging and Interior Design Courses. Payment Plans Start at Just $220 Per Month (Upon Approval).

The Academy of Home Staging & Design offers an Educational System that Grows with You, Providing Educational Opportunities and the Coaching and Services You Need and Want

AOHS-Real Estate Interior Design COA (adjusted)
  • Elite Business Coaching
  • Alumni Mastermind Sessions
  • Marketing Templates and Marketing Services
  • Virtual Assistant packages
  • Design Files design Assistance
  • Website Design
  • Alumni Retreats

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 Monthly Business Coaching Available at a Discounted Rate for Our Graduates.

You Deserve the Life You Have Been Dreaming of…the chance to use your gifts and talents to make homes and lives beautiful.

If you want it, we can help you make it happen…

The Academy of Home Staging & Design

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Unlock Your Real Estate Potential: Elevate Your Profits, Stand Out from Competitors, and Secure More Listings by Adding Home Staging & Interior Design Services to Your Portfolio!

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