Your Own Successful Home Staging Practice

Phillip was a successful realtor for over 15 years. He enjoyed his work, and attributed his success to good customer service. Phillip made it a point to coach his clients on how to sell quickly and more likely get their asking price. One of those ways was to make an aesthetic home improvement that would offer more value to their home and impress potential buyers, having read a few NLP books and realizing that audiovisual stimulation can manipulate the mind. His suggestions such as hiring plumbers worked. Phillips clients often sold their homes twice as fast as others in their neighborhoods. He even considered contacting some professionals like the specialists in recladding a house in Auckland just to perfectly renovate his home. He also mentioned a helpful site like that shares about some tips on achieving great home improvements, that it also requires a perfect foundation repair which will determine the next steps for the most significant investment which is home. 

Realizing that his flair for creativity was an asset, Phillip decided to become certified as a home stager. He soon began making more money as he learned how to increase revenue with affiliate vendors. Since the main target market for staging is real estate agents, Phillip was able to build rapport easily with colleagues he had interfaced with over the years. He also built new relationships with companies that had a specific “Realtor Partner” marketing plan that encouraged strategic partnerships between agents and stagers. Phillip enjoyed diversifying his career, and the skills he acquired made him one of the most successful realtors in his market.

If you have a real estate background and would like to explore home staging as another stream of income, call Kim Kapellusch of The Academy of Home Staging at 800.574.5576 or click here for more information.

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