Think Twice about a Home Staging Career

New Year, New Career!

Have you been thinking about making a career change lately?
Maybe you would like to be in charge of your own schedule doing something you love and being paid good money in exchange for your talents?

That’s how I felt a few years when two of my biggest clients announced they were moving on and I was to lose over 70% of my current income! Yikes – I needed to do something quick and whatever that was going to be, I knew it had to meet certain criteria:

     1. It needed to be a business that took very little time and money to get up and running

     2. In order to replace 70% of my income, it needed to be a lucrative choice
     3. As long as I was starting over, I was hoping to find something I could be passionate about.

Pretty tough criteria to meet on all levels. I had always thought that the easy to train for, fun and desirable high paying fields were already saturated. Then I was introduced to home staging.

 I must admit, when I was first considering home staging, there were some things that had me worried. I knew from watching all the televisions shows that I would love directing a design project from start to finish and watching the incredible difference in the before and afters. But I still wondered how much work would be out there and if I could really make a go of it. What if I put myself out there and no one ever called?

To my great relief – I had my first staging client within a couple weeks. Turns out, home staging has been around for over 30 years and is the #1 career poised for growth according to CNN and Career Builder.  

Now I look forward to my work. Gone are the days that I yearned for something different or better. For me, the best part about being a home stager is solving a creative challenge that results in a complete visual transformation. It was easy to master this design skill set but I am always excited to realize that every project is different and I never get bored! As a side benefit,  I have helped hundreds of people sell their home faster and for more money and they are truly grateful for my services. (I also happen to be very fond of my boss for the first time in my life!)

If you have any questions about becoming a home stager, or certified training, I would like to invite you to personally call me.

I hope you can join me for the next certified home staging training session April 19th – 23rd in Valencia, Ca where we will go out into the field and work on 3 different homes, experience hands-on exercises in space planning, color theory, accessorizing, style boards and learn in-depth home staging business strategies.

You can reach me on my cell, Monday – Saturday 9-5 pacific time at:


I look forward to talking with you soon, 
Kim Kapellusch

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