The Importance of Home Staging When Selling a Property

The task of buying a home may appear to be a logical process based on a set of pre-determined criteria defined by the home buyer.  However, the selected home will also be determined by emotion.  The expression, ‘fallen in love with this house’ or similar, is frequently uttered by buyers when they have found their dream home; logic or specific needs are no longer as relevant.  A house can fulfill all the buyers’ requirements, yet; because it doesn’t feel right and looks uninviting, the buyer will not purchase the property. This is why home staging plays such an important role in the real estate market.

First impressions are critical when it comes to selling a house.  When a new home comes on the market it has often been lived in for many years by the same residents and it is catered to their tastes.  Often the sellers are unable to visualize their property through different gazes and subsequently fail to generate the fresh vitality needed to attract buyers.  Consequently, Real Estate Agents struggle to sell the property and the house may remain on the market for many months or even years.

Home staging is more than simply cleaning, de-cluttering and adding a new splash of paint, or making a few minor repairs.  These are the necessary steps prior to staging.  Staging is about creating moods and adding details that will appeal to potential buyers.  Home staging can make a house look bigger, warmer, cleaner, brighter and highly attractive to home buyers.  Professional home stagers have top-level design skills and the ability to create scenes throughout the house and yard that appeal to all the senses.  Using a range of accessories and furniture, stagers can transform a property and give it a new lease of life.

Regardless of the market situation, a staged home will always have a higher chance of attracting a buyer quickly, compared with a non-staged home.  A staged home will immediately evoke the senses and engage the potential buyer.  Conversely, home buyers that inspect properties without the benefit of staging are forced to overlook poor decor and uninviting surroundings, while also trying to see ‘potential’.  This situation isn’t appealing to the buyer and works against the seller.  Consequently, home sellers and real estate agents alike will significantly benefit from hiring a professional home stager.

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