Top 3 questions to ask your Stager to safeguard your client

Ever wonder why some Staging companies seem to be priced differently?

Many companies may not hold all the proper insurances or even have their own employees. They cut corners to discount their prices and save themselves money but this could cost your client a lot, not only in the quality of the staging but in liability for Your Client.

Here are three important questions to ask a prospective Stager:

1. Are your workers your employees?

This is important to note because the state typically will automatically assign workers compensation to an employee if the business owner fails to acquire it on their own. Workers who are loading and installing furniture need to be covered to protect your client from an injury suit.

This is also important when it comes to how much experience and training the staff receive. Employees who receive benefits and are paid well, are more apt to be vested in the job, work harder, more carefully and stay with the company longer, so they are more experienced and better trained, resulting in a better staging.

See below for more details regarding insurances. 

2. Do you have worker’s comp insurance?

This is one you should always ask of a stager because your client could be at high risk for an injury claim, which most people do not think of. If a worker were to get seriously hurt on someone else’s property, they would have to sue someone to cover medical bills and loss of work, and if the stager has no insurance, the homeowner typically does on their home so by default, the injured party would only obtain actual compensation from your client. These insurances are very expensive as the industry is considered high risk with all the bending, lifting and installing so many stagers do not get work comp insurance and use daily workers to avoid it. Always ask for a certificate of workers comp insurance.

3. Do you have liability insurance?

This type of insurance protects your clients home in the event that something becomes damaged during the installation or removal of the stager’s inventory. 

Style My Space is fully insured and compliant with all laws and industry regulations. We employee not only designers, but our own staff of delivery, warehouse and set up crew.

All of our Employees, are professional, experienced and committed to excellence on each and every staging, this is the difference and the difference SHOWS!

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