Attract Higher Rents for Furnished Rentals, Short Term Rentals, and Vacation Home Listings

Do you have, or are you servicing clients with vacation or furnished units? Below are some ideas that won’t break the bank to help your client up their game to higher rents and less vacancies.


In terms of attracting renters, nothing works better than great photography with warm and fuzzy photos that showcase plenty of features and inspire renters to choose your listing over the competitors.

Renters make the decision to read more about a property based on photographs so make sure your cover photo is a stunner. If you really want to get those high paying renters, your photos should resemble a professional photo shoot with lots of details and layers so that the home not only stands out, but invokes the same drama as rentals twice your fee.

Adding drama to the environment and improving photos can be as simple as adding colorful pillows, more artwork, and extra plants. Crop in tight for an "environment photo" that has the right vibe to represent the unit if the home doesn’t have many "portfolio worthy" places or the photos of the rooms don’t feel inspiring. Don’t show photos of extra bedrooms that aren’t up to date or appear dark because they won’t inspire a renter to pay top dollar. Even if you have close-ups of your amazing coffee shop, every photo should have a wow factor.

See our suggestions for adding more property amenities without breaking the bank later in this article.


There are many ways to add drama to the exterior, such as adding curtains to the existing patio cover for a luxurious and private feel. Showcase toys and games (as if in action) such as pool volleyball and colorful floats in the pool, or indoors by laying out a game of chess on the coffee table if the rental is set up for families. This allows renters to imagine themselves and their families enjoying the home, resulting in a stronger emotional attachment to the property and a stronger desire to choose it.

Using trendy pillows and throws will also help to bring the rest of the room’s decor up to date. If your client is just starting to design their furnished rental or updating it right now, investing in classic furniture pieces that will look current for longer will save them money on updates. That way, they can simply update the accessories and pillows with trendy colors each year. You can draw attention to your listing and help it stand out from the competition by including bright or visually interesting details in the photos.


Adding a few simple amenities to the rental can help it attract more renters and increase its perceived value. Here are some suggestions that don’t necessitate major renovations or a large budget, but improve the guest experience, resulting in higher ratings, more buzz, and repeat visits for the unit.

Consider adding a portable bar area with seating and a grill to your outdoor space where renters can relax. Always have a variety of chairs available, such as loungers, dining chairs, and regular outdoor chairs, to ensure that everyone is comfortable. If the yard has multiple areas around the house, make sure that each one has seating. This gives people options and gives the impression that your outdoor space has more to offer.

If you allow pets, consider including a dog run. If you don’t own one, install a workstation with high-speed internet and a printer/fax machine to entice guests to stay longer. In the kitchen, add a nice coffee bar, or in the backyard, a firepit with chairs.

If you don’t have an island in your kitchen, consider installing an indoor portable bar where guests can sit and chat with the cook. Incorporate an electric fireplace into the living or family room as a focal point. They look great in photos and give the impression of being warm and inviting; don’t forget to photograph them with the fireplace turned on.

There are numerous options for creating congregating spaces and basic amenities that renters consider when making a decision. The more you have, the more people will want to stay at your property and the more money they will be willing to pay.


A client’s testimonial, the friends they will tell, or the online photos they will share are all excellent forms of advertising. The property must make an unforgettable first impression and stand out to inspire vacationing guests to generate free buzz about your place. Not just in terms of appearances: visitors should feel welcomed and at ease from the moment they walk in.

Because first impressions are everything, here are three ways to give vacation renters a memorable stay:

Prepare a welcome basket with wine and snacks, as well as a heartfelt greeting note.

Have the most comfortable beds and bedding, as well as a room that is quiet and dark. A bad night’s sleep will almost certainly result in negative reviews and fewer repeat visitors.

Create Instagram-worthy moments that will pique everyone’s interest. This could be a silly or humorous décor item, such as a chandelier made out of a canoe or bicycle, or something unexpected, such as a wall collage made out of guest-signed wine corks, or even an unusual sculpture that people would want to photograph.


Make a list of what you should not forget to put in your units to make them more comfortable. Ascertain that the cleaning company is familiar with the rental’s appearance so that everything meets the expectations of the renters.

The checklist should include things like:

  1. Instructions for operating any electronics especially the tv or computer equipment and easy to find WIFI info.
  2. A book of things to do and see in the area or a write up of favorite restaurants.
  3. Coupons from local vendors for guests to try things out such as a nearby pub or axe throwing venue.
  4. Wine and bottle openers, a way to have or make ice cubes, seasoning and spices for cooking.
  5. Extra bedroom necessities like pillows (down and hypo allergenic), extra sheets and blankets, etc.
  6. Welcome mats and floor rugs to keep them dry when their feet are wet.
  7. Conveniences such ironing board, iron and plenty of hangers.
  8. Create a nice atmosphere with plenty of dimmable lighting and window treatments for privacy
  9. Consider having a sofa that turns into a bed to increase your capacity since this can rent for more money.


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