Maureen Torrisi

Maureen Torrisi, Proud Owner of Her Own Design Firm in Massachusetts

Maureen L. Torrisi, now proud owner of MLTDesign Group of Andover, MA, had always dreamed of owning a design business but never had the courage or confidence to actually go through with it. Maureen certainly had the experience and the drive.

After many years working in Real Estate Development as a Project Manager in the home improvement sector, life had a way of taking her in a different direction. Marriage and children became Maureen’s priority for many recent years. When her life changed again, Maureen found herself in need of a job to help support herself and her children. Maureen got her real Estate License and tried her hand in selling real estate. “I couldn’t stand it, and knew what I loved was getting homes ready to sell, or to live in ” said Maureen.

After graduating from The Academy’s Course, Maureen jumped right in to start MLTDesign Group and was almost immediately inundated with work handling everything from remodels to selecting all the materials to completely renovate spec homes. Maureen is happy to report:

“I am fully equipped with the tools and knowledge I received from The Academy and contribute my confidence and future success to Kim and The Academy.’s training”. The Academy couldn’t be more proud of Maureen and all of their students.

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