Prathibha Kokkalera

How Prathibha Kokkalera Makes the World a Better Place one Home at a Time

The only thing better than using your talents to make a difference, is when you are doing what you love AND making a difference. Prathibha Kokkalera is doing exactly that.

Prathibha saw people losing their homes to foreclosure. Not only were they losing their their homes, they were losing their futures. Prathibha created a business to help these people. She buys houses before the bank forecloses on them so the owners can protect their future. Prathibha creates a home for a new owner, and the neighborhood gets an upgrade. This helps everyone, including Prathibha who loves combining her passion for interior design with serving people in need.

“My education at AHSD in interior design made it easy for me to visualize, transform and remodel every room I was flipping. And my home staging education helped sell the properties faster!” Prathibha now makes six figures, and owns two companies, and

She thanks AHSD and Founder/Owner, Kim Kapellusch’s on-going mentoring, for her success. For those who have similar aspirations, she believes AHSD is just the ticket.

Prathibha says, “If you are considering doing one or both these courses as I did, you will have no regrets. Apart from the knowledge and intense training, the continuing help Kim and her team extend after the program is valuable. It is sure to put you right on the path to success!”

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