Opportunity at Open Houses

There are many ways to find the right home for your clients. But most important is for you to see the home at an open house. Many agents and Home Stagers are asking, “Why should I attend open houses?” Going to open houses is the best way to meet Reals Estate Agents and Home Stagers and it is a great opportunity to network with new people.

Why Home Stagers should go to Open Houses?

Home Stagers should always attend open houses when they can. It is a great opportunity to meet the local real estate agents in your area.  Real Estate Agents should also invite Home Stagers to open houses because the home stager can help the agent make sure the home is ready for presentation. Making sure little things like furniture and accessories are where they should be and that clutter is out of the way. Home Stagers can also be there to help the potential buyers envision living in the home, giving them décor tips and furniture layout ideas.

First Impressions Count!

For Agents first impressions of the home is critical, so having a Home Stager there with you to make sure it is perfect will definitely payoff. For Home Stagers first impressions are key as well. Making the agent happy with what you can do at an open house only keeps them thinking about what you can do to a vacant home on the market.


Open houses are great opportunities to network with the Real Estate Agents, Home Stagers, and the potential buyers. Make sure you leave a great first impression and have some marketing materials ready to hand out. You never know when you will need a Real Estate Agent, a Home Stager, OR a Buyer.

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